Easter treats for little chicks

Make these clever cupcakes in just five minutes!

Easter treats for little chicks
by Natalie Keeler

Do you need a fuss-free activity to keep your child busy over the Easter weekend? You don’t even have to do any baking when you try our tasty Easter chick cakes recipe – we used shop-bought vanilla cupcakes, then decorated them with buttercream and a splash of food colouring.


  • Vanilla cupcakes
  • Buttercream icing
  • Yellow food colouring
  • Orange icing pen
  • Black icing pen


Step 1

Ask your child to put a couple of drops of food colouring into the icing. Mix well!

Step 2

Pop the icing into an icing bag (you could use a freezer bag and snip a hole in the corner).

Step 3

Easter chick

Ask your child to pipe one big blob onto the cake, then a smaller one on top.

Step 4

Easter chick cake

Easter chick cake

Now, they can draw on two black eyes, an orange beak and feet using the icing pens.

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Learning guide

After your child has had fun getting creative, and using their science skills to mix colourful icing, play a game to see how many baby animal names they know. Can they tell you what a baby cow is called? How about a baby cat? You could even make a list of adult animals on one side and their babies on the other, and see if your child can draw a line between the parent and baby (e.g. cat and kitten).