Totally baaarilliant Easter cupcakes

Ewe are always on my mind...

Totally baaarilliant Easter cupcakes
by Natalie Keeler

Your kids will love creating these fluffy sheep cakes using shop-bought cupcakes, mini marshmallows, icing and chocolate buttons. Just watch that you don't accidentally eat all the mini marshmallows before you've finished decorating them... (like we very nearly did).

Scroll down for our how-to video too!


  • Shop-bought cupcakes
  • White icing
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Chocolate buttons
  • Googly fondant eyes


Step 1

Sheep cake

Ask your kids to cover the cakes in icing.

Step 2

Sheep cake

Then, they pop on a chocolate button face.

Step 3

Sheep cake

Now, they stick on lots of mini marshmallows.

Step 4

Sheep cake

And, finally, stick on googly fondant eyes (use a little more icing as glue).

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Sensory Play

Learning guide

Your child will love being creative with this cool cake decoration. Talk to them about textures while you’re decorating. What does a sheep's wool feel like? Is it hard or soft like the marshmallows you’ve used? What do other animals feel like? How about a snake, a fish or a pig?