How to paint with your baby

Create a piece of art that celebrates your baby's name!

How to paint with your baby
by Natalie Keeler

Your baby is unique and their name is an essential part of who they are. It's often the first word children want to write.

Celebrating your baby's name is a fun way to make them feel special. This piece of art makes your little one – and their name – the star of your fridge!

Start by helping your baby to decorate a square of coloured paper with paint, scribbles or stickers, then pop a photo of them in the middle and add their name.

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You will need:

  • A square piece of card
  • Paints or crayons
  • A photo of your baby

Baby painting ideas

Step 1

Baby painting ideas

Help your baby to decorate the card with paints, using their hands or feet if you like. They'll love the feel of the different textures. Just make sure you choose baby-safe paints. It doesn't matter what the patterns look like – the important part is helping them to make their mark. Have a pack of baby wipes handy to clean up afterwards.

Step 2

Baby painting ideas

You could pop on some colourful stickers or shapes, too. Add the finishing touch by sticking on a photo of your baby in the middle.

Step 3

Baby painting ideas

Use letter magnets to spell out their name and secure their beautiful artwork to your fridge.