Spider–Man face paint in 5 minutes flat

Spidermum, Spidermum, does whatever... well whatever time permits to be honest

Spider-Man face paint in 5 minutes flat
by Sara Conway

Are you ready to become Incredible Mum or Daring Dad, the face painting superhero? 

Great for Halloween or a fancy dress party, your can transform your little one into their favourite crime-fighting superhero with this Spider-Man face paint tutorial for beginners.

You will need

  • Red face paint
  • Black face paint

What to do

Step 1

Spider-Man face paint

Paint a black semi-circle over each eye.

Step 2

Spider-Man Face paint

Paint half the face red.

Step 3

Spider-Man face paint

Draw 4 black lines that cross in the middle of the face, staying outside the eye lines.

Step 4

Spider-Man face paint

Add lines for web detail. Your Spider-Man face paint is complete!