How a Toniebox can solve 5 common sleep problems

From bedtime battles to early morning wake up calls

How a Toniebox can solve 5 common sleep problems
by Natalie Keeler

Can one calming product help pre-schoolers drift off to sleep and keep toddlers in bed until sunrise? We put the Toniebox to the test with 5 children who have common sleep challenges.

1 My toddler has stopped napping

The precious afternoon hour when your toddler used to sleep gave you some much needed me time. Now, they won’t nap, and the day is long. Add to that the inevitable meltdown because your child is overtired – we get it! You need a break. If your child is winding down their afternoon naps, introduce a quiet hour instead. A Toniebox provides a perfect, screen-free calming activity.

Problem solved?

Our toddler wasn’t always receptive to the idea of sitting in her bed and listening to the box by herself, but it was a nice, calm, screen-free activity we could share together with zero meltdowns.

2 My child wakes too early

Do you wish your kids would sleep in a little later? Instead of letting your child skip into your room each morning at 5am, set up the Toniebox next to their bed so they can listen to a story before they come to disturb you. It’s so simple to use they won’t need your help to switch it on. You never know… it might help them drift back off to sleep. (You can dream!)

Problem solved?

Instead of the pitter patter of feet into our bedroom this morning, we heard The Gruffalo turn on instead. We slept for an extra 20 minutes or so… Definitely will be trying this again!

3 Toddler won’t settle without mum (or dad)

Of course, we want to be the one who tucks our children into bed and kisses them goodnight, but sometimes work, travel or life gets in the way. Toniebox allows you to be part of bedtime even when you’re not there. You can pre-record a message or your child’s favourite story using the simple mobile app. That means, whoever’s taking care of your child can help them to settle by listening to your voice.

Problem solved?

The best part of this for us was getting rid of a bit of guilt at leaving them. The babysitter said our child loved listening to the recording of us.

4 Bedtimes are a battle

If you’re parent to the bedtime battler, you have to be one step ahead of the hurdles they place in your path. Their story’s been read, milk drunk, teeth cleaned, but now they need a wee, they want a back stroke, they neeeeed you to sit by the door. The Toniebox is perfect for children who need a bit more time to wind down. You can turn down the lights and switch on a story. We love that the box will automatically turn off when it finishes.

Problem solved?

Our bedtime battler loved the novelty of this idea and let us leave the room. When we popped back up later, they were asleep. We consider this a success!

5 My child keeps getting up in the night

It’s 3am and the bedroom door bangs open, announcing a small child who then burrows their way under your duvet. If you’re working on keeping your child in their bed (and out of yours!), the Toniebox can be used as part of a reward system. Tonies figures are cute, calming and feature children’s favourite book characters – the perfect treat for staying in bed for a number of consecutive nights.

Problem solved?

Well, we’ve had some nights without a visitor – and the promise of a new Tonies character is making our daughter excited. But, sometimes, she just can’t resist coming into our bed. Baby steps…!