Play this Alphablocks Kiss or Miss game

And try not to miss!

Play this Alphablocks Kiss or Miss game
by Natalie Keeler

This printable Alphablocks game is a fun way for your child to practise the 'ss' sound! Simply scroll down to get your free download.

To play, help your child cut out the lips on the page, then ask them to shut their eyes and have a go at placing the lips on the 'ss'. Will they kiss... or will they miss?

Where they land will determine how many points they get, so make sure they remember to count up their score at the end.

As they play, point out that 's' and 'ss' make the same sound. You could also award bonus points for every word your child can think of with 'ss' – some other examples could be 'mess', 'pass', 'boss', 'fuss', or 'grass'. 

Alphablocks Kiss Or Miss game

Select the image or click here to download a printable PDF. Or, click here to print a black-and-white version.

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