Discover animal habitats with this fun game

Land, water or both? Find out who lives where

Discover animal habitats with this fun game
by Natalie Keeler

If your child loves animals, try creating this fun game to play. We used toy animals, but you could just as easily cut pictures from magazines, print them from the Internet, or draw them into the different locations. Younger children could group the animals by size or colour. Read on to find out how to make and play this game.

You will need:

  • Toy animals
  • Coloured card
  • Scissors

How to play this animal habitats EYFS game

Step 1

First, cut the blue and green card into two circles that are the same size. Cut the yellow card into a lemon shape.

Step 2

Now, overlap the colours to create different habitats.

Step 3

Can your child show you which creatures can be found in the water (blue), on land (green), and which can live across both (yellow)?

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Learning guide

This science and geography game is a really simple, fun way to teach kids about where different animals live and why. They could talk about animals they’ve seen where you live, or on a farm or at the zoo. Get your little one to think about how the animal looks to help them guess – for example, a fish has fins but no feet. Can they create a table and write a list of which animals can be grouped together? Cutting out the circular shapes also develops your child’s fine motor skills, which help with pencil control when they’re learning to write.