Exciting printable Easter egg hunt!

Because Easter isn't Easter without a chocolate egg hunt...

Exciting printable Easter egg hunt!
by Natalie Keeler

If you're celebrating Easter Sunday with an Easter egg hunt, our clues, tips and ideas will help to make your child's chocolate quest even more exciting.

You can take your pick from two sets of clues for different age groups, as well as full colour or black & white versions. We've written clues that will encourage children to use their heads. So, hopefully, they can't find and scoff 35 chocolate eggs before you have time to say, "Has the Easter Bunny been?".

The clues for littler ones ask them to recognise shapes and colours. Older children have riddles to solve. And scroll right down for some cute decorations, which we've created exclusively for you. They'll make it easy to make a fuss of your child.

Tips for planning an Easter egg hunt

1. Choose an area for your egg hunt and then match the clues to potential hiding places. We've included lots of clues that can be used in different types of spaces, whether you're using a garden, your house or just one room.

2. Plan for approximately 10 small eggs per child, maybe slightly less for the littlest of children. Keep some back-up eggs in case any go missing. Plus, a few extra for you to eat in secret while they're egg hunting.

3. If you want to limit the sugar rush, you can fill plastic eggs with toys or LEGO. Or just hide paper eggs to be swapped for a prize when they find them all. You could give them one big Easter egg, or a fun game for them to try afterwards – browse our Giggly activity packs.

4. It can be helpful to count the number of eggs you're hiding and make a note of where you've hidden them. Do this if you spend most days trying to remember where you left your phone and keys 🙋‍♀️

5. If your egg hunt is taking place outside, don't hide your eggs overnight – there's a good chance animals in your garden will find them first. And, yes, we are speaking from experience. Luckily, we had back-up eggs that we could hide again (see tip 2).

6. In the same way you'd leave a mince pie for Santa, why not also leave something out for the Easter bunny to find the night before your egg hunt? Get your child to leave a nice, crunchy carrot on a plate for the bunny to enjoy.

7. After all the excitement of searching for eggs (and no doubt eating a lot of chocolate), try getting your child to do some colouring-in – these printables are ideal for keeping children of all ages busy.

Easter egg hunt clues for toddlers

Download these Easter egg clues for little ones under four – simply print the PDF, cut out the clues and hide your treasure in the places described on each egg. When you're ready to get started, work together with your little one to solve the clues, letting them guess where they could be.

Easter egg hunt clues

Select the picture to download these Easter egg hunt clues for toddlers, or click here to print a PDF.

Click here to download these Easter egg hunt clues in black and white.

Easter egg hunt clues for preschool and school–age children

These clues are perfect for children aged 4 and over. Once you've downloaded the PDF, cut out the clues and arrange them in any order you'd like, hiding the eggs in the places described.

You can give your child one clue after the other, or hand over the entire list and let them hunt for the eggs in any order they like. Let your child take the lead, and ask them if they can have a go at reading the clues aloud too.

Easter egg hunt clues

Select the picture to download these Easter egg hunt clues for older children, or click here to print a PDF.

Click here to download these Easter egg hunt clues in black and white.

Easter egg hunt signs to print

These printable Easter egg hunt signs are a fun, easy way to help your child track down their treasure without fully giving the game away. Decorate with these cute markers by sticking them onto doors or surfaces using sticky tape, or attach them to wooden sticks and plant in various places around your house or garden.

Easter egg hunt signs

Select the picture to download our Easter egg hunt signs, or click here to print a PDF.

Easter bunny footprints to print

Point your child in the right direction with these cute Easter bunny footprints. Just download and print the PDF, then cut the footprints out.

If you're hosting your egg hunt outside, try to avoid putting them out at night or in the early morning, as they may get soggy from the wet dew. You might also like to laminate your footprints so you can use them again next year.

Easter egg hunt bunny footprints

Select the picture to download these bunny footprints, or click here to print a PDF.

Easter cards to print

These cute cards make the perfect Easter gift for a grandparent or friend. To print your free Easter cards, just select the image or click here to download the PDF – then your child can decorate it any way they like.

Easter card to print