Fun mark–making ideas for your baby

Scribble, paint, create!

Fun mark–making ideas for your baby
by Natalie Keeler

Mark-making is a really fun way for your baby to express themselves. Whether they're scribbling with chunky crayons, creating paint splodges or even painting with water – it helps their physical development, too. Scroll down for a few ideas you can try at home with your little one.

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Baby handprinting

Create a lovely hand-painted keepsake that you can frame. Start by brushing paint onto your baby's feet or hands, and then press gently onto paper. That's it! Your mini masterpiece is complete. 

Fun with porridge oats

Mark-making ideas

Mixing up porridge oats is an exciting sensory activity for little fingers – your baby can use their hands or a wooden spoon and get stuck in. Just give them a wipe-down with baby wipes when they've finished.

Colouring with crayons

Mark-making ideas

You're never too young to try and use crayons!

Simple colouring can help to develop your baby's grasp, create hand-eye coordination and aid the ability to judge distances. 

Plus, they're mess-free and tons of fun.