Positive posters for kids to colour in

Keep calm and colour!

Positive posters for kids to colour in
by Natalie Keeler

There's something about colouring... it gets our kids to relax and focus in ways we never thought possible. It reduces stress, it encourages mindfulness, and it's a great outlet for children to channel any anxious or negative thoughts they might be feeling, too.

That's why we've created these positive colouring pages for you to decorate together – just scroll down and click on the pictures print them. As your child works on their poster, talk to them about the things that make them feel happy (and unhappy), and which colours they're choosing and why.

For more ideas to help your child's wellbeing, try these mindfulness activities for kids too.

Positive colouring pages for kids

Positive colouring

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 Positive colouring

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Giggly supports Your Mind Matters, the award-winning campaign from Immediate Media's Youth & Children's magazine team. We're creating content to promote positive wellbeing for children of all ages.   

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Who knew the simple act of colouring could be educational as well as fun?! Little ones love it because it's relaxing, creative, and it gives them a sense of accomplishment too. Colouring also improves children's concentration, patience, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and pencil control.