Create your own Giggly Cafe

This cute play idea serves up maths and literacy with a side order of fun! Now, who'd like a coffee?

Role play cafe
by Natalie Keeler

Welcome to The Giggly Cafe! This free printable set includes signs, play money, customer order slips and some tempting food. Just keep scrolling and select the pages you'd like to print out.

We've provided lots for your child to play with, and there's plenty to learn, too. Your child can role-play taking orders, practise writing them down, try recognising money, and add and take away when it's time for their customer to pay.

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Giggly STEAM magazine


This activity is an extension of Giggly STEAM Magazine, which is packed with ideas to help your child learn science, technology, engineering, art and maths. Role play activities like this one are a fantastic way to introduce your child to money maths and problem solving. For more exciting ways to learn, Giggly STEAM magazine is available to buy now in most supermarkets.

Role play cafe printables

Role play cafe

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Role play cafe

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Role play cafe

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Role play cafe

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