Easiest ever Red Nose Day cakes

Ice, ice baby!

Easiest ever Red Nose Day cakes
by Sara Conway

Have you just volunteered for the school bake sale and don’t know where to start? These simple Red Nose Day cupcakes use ready-made fairy cakes and lots of icing, so you can decorate them in minutes. Go on, pick your nose!


  • Fairy cakes
  • Red Smarties, M&Ms or Skittles
  • White icing
  • Black icing pen

How to make Red Nose Day cakes

Step 1

Help your child mix up lots of white icing.

Step 2

Let them spread the icing over the cakes.

Step 3

Stick on a sweet red nose and leave the icing to harden.

Step 4

Help your little one draw eyes and a smile around the noses.