Colour with Numberblocks!

You can count on them...

Colour with Numberblocks!
by Natalie Keeler

Numberblocks fans are in for a treat. We have three exclusive colouring pages from our friends at Numberblocks Magazine. Simply scroll down to start downloading them.

If your child loves these activities, explore our range of Numberblocks toys and gifts exclusive to Giggly – including our NEW Numberblocks Magnetic Number Magic Set, Multi-Click Numberblocks Blocks, and the Numberblocks Maths Programme.

Numberblocks Magnetic Number Magic Set

Numberblocks Magnetic Number Magic Set

  • Packed with fun hands-on learning
  • Teacher-approved and follows the EYFS curriculum
  • Covers the numbers 1 to 10, plus shapes, patterns and colours
  • Lots of tips and advice for parents, with learning ideas to help with certain pages

Don't forget to pick up a copy of Numberblocks Magazine too. Inside, you'll find super stickers, cool counting puzzles and lots more to colour, make and do. It's available to buy now on the Giggly shop and in most supermarkets and newsagents.

Numberblocks 1–5 colouring sheet


Numberblocks colouring pages


High fiiiiive! Grab your colouring pencils and jam with Five's groovy number band. To print this colouring page, select the image or click here to open a PDF.

Numberblocks 1–5 colouring page


Numberblocks colouring pages


Your child can pick out their brightest crayons to decorate this Numberblocks colouring page, using the smaller pictures to help them remember what each Numberblock looks like. Keep the page handy to use as a 1-5 number line too. 

To download this Numberblocks printable, click here or select the image to open a PDF.

Numberblocks 1–10 colouring page


Numberblocks colouring pages


Help your child count down from 10 with this Numberblocks colouring sheet, then ask them to write in the numberlings too. Can they count down from 10 to 1 without looking at the page?

Select the image or click here to download a printable PDF.

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Learning guide

While your child is having fun colouring their favourite characters, they can practice some key maths skills. The sheets help with number recognition and counting to five and ten. There's also the opportunity to write these numbers. Did you know, colouring helps to develop the fine motor skills that help with pencil control? Plus, of course, your child is being creative and learning colours. Why not do more and ask them to create their own number-themed drawings? They could draw ladybirds and add together the spots.