Biscuit? It'd be Rude–olph not to!

Try out these reindeer biscuits for a scrummy snack that's fun to make

It'd be Rude-olph not to!
by Jessica Boyle

Get into the festive spirit with this simple idea. Your child will love creating their own reindeer cookies to enjoy as a tasty Christmas snack. Why not leave them out for Santa when he comes visiting? If you don't eat them all first... Is it just us, or does the Christmas eating start earlier and earlier every year?

You can use shop-bought biscuits for this craft or create your own using basic biscuit dough. The ones in the picture were made using round shortbreads from the supermarket. Read on to make these reindeer cookies.


  • Digestive biscuits
  • Brown icing pen
  • Red smarties


Step 1

Ask your child to use the icing pen to draw eyes and antlers onto each biscuit.

Step 2

Next, add a red Smartie nose – use a blob of icing to stick it on with.


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Learning guide

Using icing pens is a fun way for kids to work on their fine motor skills, which are important for pencil control. They'll also love seeing their reindeer come to life as they add all the different elements, like the antlers, eyes and signature red nose. As an extra bonus, following a recipe is a good way to develop their numeracy skills too!