Best served with milk

Everyone will love these Santa biscuits!

Best served with milk
by Natalie Keeler

All you need to make this Santa Claus cookie recipe is some plain biscuits and icing pens. These treats make for cute edible Christmas gifts to give to friends or family too (or you could just keep them all to yourself).

Top tip: We've made this recipe easy by using shop-bought biscuits, but if you'd like to bake them yourself, this easy biscuit recipe from BBC Good Food is a winner.


  • Digestive biscuits
  • Red icing
  • Icing pens (black, white and yellow)


1. Ask your child to coat the biscuits in red icing.

2. When the biscuits are dry, your little one can use the icing pens to add black buttons, a black and yellow belt, and fluffy white fur trim!

If you want to bake your own festive biscuits, this Christmas gingerbread cookies recipe from BBC Good Food is simple and delicious.

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Sensory Play

Learning guide

Let's talk colours! What colour is Santa's suit? What about his boots, or belt buckle? Can your child talk about what Santa's suit might feel like? As they follow the recipe and measure out the ingredients, they'll also be developing number sense, and using their creative skills to decorate the biscuit.