A tiny tree for your mini me

Keep little hands busy over the holidays with this beautiful Christmas tree craft

A tiny tree for your mini me
by Jessica Boyle

If you've got a little bit more time on your hands, this amazing 3D paper Christmas tree craft is the perfect way to keep your child busy during the festive break.

We've decorated ours with gold stars, but your little one can add whatever they like – even glitter (if you're feeling brave). Pop them on a table or a mantelpiece, or display them on a windowsill and show off your artistic skills to everyone who walks by!

Rather watch than read? Tap play on the video below!

You'll need:

  • Cardboard tube
  • Green paper
  • Yellow paper
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors 
  • Glue
  • Gold star stickers (optional)
  • Glitter (optional)

How to make 3D paper Christmas trees

Step 1

First, your child folds the green paper into fan shapes.

Step 2

Tape one end of the paper shut to make the top of the tree.

Step 3

Now, cut out stars from the yellow paper and glue them to the top of the tree.

Step 4

Decorate the rest of the tree with more stars.

Step 5

Finally, show them how to cut slots into the tube and slide the tree in to stand it up!

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Learning guide

Not only is this is a fun way for kids to express their creativity, you could also use this quiet craft time to ask your little one how they feel about Christmas, and what their favourite things about it are. While you're chatting, encourage them to have a go at balancing the tree so it stands on its own. Where do they need to position it? What happens if they slot it in too far one side or the other?