Make and play with Bluey's wagon

For real life!

Make Bluey's wagon
by Natalie Keeler

If you know, you know! Bluey has been a smash hit since the programme arrived on CBeebies in April (and that’s just with us grownups). It's funny, relatable and full of fun ideas that help children to play.

Inspired by the episode in which Bandit pulls Bluey and Bingo to the park (at sunrise!) – you don't have to have as much patience as Bandit to do this activity, we promise.

In fact, we've made it extra easy. Simply find a butter tub, some red paper or paint, and download this free Bluey printable to get crafting.

You can also find this cutting-and-sticking activity (and so much more) in our Bluey Sticker Magazine, which is packed full of puzzles, games and 5 sticker sheets with over 200 stickers. Take 10% off your copy using the QR code on the free printable Bluey sheet.

You'll need:

How to make this Bluey wagon ride craft

Rather watch than read? Hit play on the video below!

Step 1

Give your child safe scissors to cut the items from the sheet, then glue and roll up the bodies.

Step 2

Help them to stick on the arms and tails.

Step 3

Next they glue the handle onto the butter tub.

Step 4

Then stick the wheels and decorations onto the tub.

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Learning guide

Did you know that cutting-out with scissors helps kids to work on the independent movement on each of their fingers? These movements all contribute to the development of their fine motor skills, which help with pencil control when your child is learning to write. Get more out of this activity by asking your little one to think about the different parts of the wagon too. What would happen if there were no wheels, or no handle? (Maybe Bandit would get a break from pulling his kids along!)