Hands up for dino handprinting!

Make a cool creature using your child's handprint

Hands up for dino handprinting!
by Natalie Keeler

This dinosaur handprinting activity from The World of Dinosaur Mega Sticker magazine is brilliant fun!

You can turn your child's hand and footprints into funny dinosaurs. We took inspiration from our fave Dinosaur Roar characters to make these colourful creatures – keep scrolling to learn how to make Dinosaur Roar, Dinosaur Munch and more.

You can find this activity inside brand new The World of Dinosaur Roar! Mega Sticker magazine, which is available now on the Giggly shop. It's packed with over 140 stickers, colouring, puzzles and tons of dino facts!

Would you rather watch than read? Click play on our step-by-step dinosaur handprint video

You'll need:

  • Your child's hands (and feet!)
  • Paper
  • Colourful paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Pens to draw details
  • Sticker eyes or googly eyes

How to make dinosaur handprints

Step 1

Paint your child's hand one or more colours.

Step 2

Press their hand onto a sheet of white paper.

Step 3

Use a paintbrush to paint on the dinosaur's legs, tail and head. Once the paint has dried, add a googly eye and draw on a big smile.

Can you make these Dinosaur Roar characters?

Dinosaur Whack

Dinosaur handprint

Paint both hands and press them onto paper quite close together. Add the dinosaur's legs and eyes.

Dinosaur Munch

Dinosaur handprint

Paint a neck onto an upside-down handprint and add fingerprint spikes.

Dinosaur Roar

Dinosaur handprint

Paint both feet and step onto paper to make Roar's big jaws. Draw on some sharp teeth, too.

Dinosaur Honk

Dinosaur handprint

Print an upside-down handprint and squish your thumb around to make Honk's crest.

Dinosaur Snap

Dinosaur handprint

Fingers make a great sail for Snap's back. Draw a tail, legs, arms and teeth!