Spruce the place up for Christmas!

These lovely little festive pine cones look great on the tree.

Spruce the place up for Christmas!
by Jessica Boyle

It’s a festive, cosy afternoon. The tree's twinkling, Mariah’s crooning, the fire’s roaring – now is the perfect time for some Christmas crafts.

Okay, your house might be more hectic than hygge, but this pine cone baubles craft is really simple to make. And, it'll keep little fingers busy, while you tick some Christmas jobs off your list.

You'll need

  • Pine cones
  • Mini craft pompoms
  • PVA glue
  • String

How to make your pine cone Christmas decorations

Step 1

Pine cone Christmas tree craft

Show your child how to add blobs of glue and stick on the pompoms. Aim for the spaces between the pine cone branches. 

Step 2

Pine cone Christmas tree craft

Tie a loop of string to the top of the pine cone, and ta-da! A mini festive tree for the big Christmas tree!

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Learning guide

This craft is a great way to get little ones working on their creativity. Encourage them to take their time, as it can be quite intricate work getting the decorations onto the individual pine leaves. Pine cones have a really interesting texture too, so ask your little one to explain what it feels like. You could also talk about how pine cones come from Christmas trees.