Brilliant bunny Easter card

Keep kids busy with this fuss–free idea

Brilliant bunny Easter card
by Natalie Keeler

All worn out from egg hunts and chocolate? Let us show you how to make this adorable rabbit card, so your little one can post a hug in an envelope for a grandparent or friend – just scroll down to follow the steps, and get your child involved with the sticking and decorating rather than the cutting-out. Once you're done, they can write a special message inside for a loved one. Happy Easter!

You'll need:

  • Blue card
  • White paper
  • Pink paper
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Black pen
  • Scissors

How to make this rabbit card

Step 1

Fold the piece of blue card, so the opening is to the right.

Step 2

Fold the piece of white paper in the same way. Draw the outline of the rabbit’s face so it fills the space. Ask your child to snip it out.

Step 3

Draw and snip the middle of the ears using pink paper.

Step 4

Now, your child can glue on the pink ears, add googly eyes and draw a face.