Sing a rainbow with this colourful craft

A simple way to brighten up someone's day

Sing a rainbow with this colourful craft
by Natalie Keeler

Keep kids busy with cute Easter cards they can make to send to family and friends – like this wonderful 3D rainbow! It uses basic craft materials, and its good way for them to learn about colours too.

When they've finished decorating their card, challenge your child to collect as many coloured objects as they can around your home. Then, ask them to build a rainbow on the floor using what they've found.

You'll need:

  • Colourful pipe cleaners
  • Cotton wool
  • White card
  • Sticky tape

How to make a rainbow card

Step 1

Fold the piece of white card in half and position it so the opening is facing down, towards you.

Step 2

Help your child to bend the pipe cleaners into curves, and use sticky tape to attach them to the card: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and then purple.

Step 3

Finally, they glue cotton wool clouds at the base of the rainbow.