All aboard for crafting fun

Make a train from yogurt pots and pouch lids

All aboard for crafting fun
by Natalie Keeler

Just save a few yoghurt pots for this quick and easy train craft. We love activities that use items you're likely to have at home, so we added toddler food pouch lids to make the wheels (you could use milk bottle lids if your kids are past the pouch stage.)

While your children are busy, take a moment to relax. You'll be pleased to hear this activity is really easy to clear up, too!

You will need:

  • 5 small yogurt pots
  • 6 food pouch lids
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Paper straw
  • Scissors
Total time: 5-10 minutes

What to do

Step 1

Train craft

Glue tissue paper around each yoghurt pot.

Step 2

Train craft

Build the train. Make a hole through the sides of two pots (big enough to thread the straw through). Thread the straw through the sides of the two pots and in through the bottom of the other one (you’ll need to lie the last pot down).

Step 3

Glue another pot to this one to make the front of the train. Then glue the last pot on top of that one to make the chimney.

Step 4

Train craft

Glue the lids to the sides of the pots to make wheels. Add some number stickers as the finishing touch.

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Sensory Play

Learning guide

Getting your child involved in the physical elements of this make – cutting, sticking, and threading the pots together – is a brilliant way to help develop their fine motor skills. While they’re having fun constructing their train, they won’t realise they’re also learning to follow instructions and problem solve. Talk about the textures of the materials they’re using, too. How are the hard plastic food pouches different from the soft tissue paper? How does the straw help the yoghurt pots to connect together?