Giggly reviews Cry Babies Fun N' Sun Ella

Our tester won't be parted from her new summer toy!

Giggly reviews Cry Babies Fun N' Sun Ella
by Sara Conway

We were given the chance to test Cry Babies' brand new summertime doll and six-year-old Grace said it was "the best toy she'd ever played with." Grace loves toy dolls – cuddling them, pushing them in a little pram and tucking them up in bed. But when she discovered what this special new toy does it made her so excited! 

Read on to find out why. 

Who was today's tester?

Grace, aged 6

Cry Babies Fun n Sun

What was the product?

We tested the new Cry Babies Fun N' Sun Ella toy, which comes with a dummy, sunhat, swimsuit, sunglasses, little jelly shoes and an inflatable float for bath time and paddling pool fun.

What special features does Cry Babies Fun N' Sun Ella have?

Cry Babies Fun N' Sun Ella has freckles and rosy cheeks that appear in sunlight. Grace loved taking her outside to see the freckles pop out. 

Ella's swimsuit has water-reveal strawberry designs so she's fun to take into the bath or a paddling pool, where she can also float in her little inflatable ring. Plus, like every Cry Baby doll, she cries real tears whenever you take out her dummy. 

Cry Babies Fun N Sun Ella

Is Fun N' Sun Ella easy to use?

Fun N' Sun Ella can be used right out of the box, perfect for this sleep-deprived parent. There's a really obvious removable piece where water is added to create her tears. Other than that, you can play with her right away.

Grace's mum Sara says...

Cry Babies Fun N' Sun Ella was an instant hit. We're going on holiday soon and we'll take Ella along for Grace to cuddle and to keep her entertained. 

The freckles feature is fun and it's a good way to remind Grace about the need for suncream – perfect as she's always hated putting it on.

Cry Babies Fun n Sun

And what did Grace think?

It's so cool! I love the freckles and the strawberries on her swimsuit. And I also like that she cries. It's the BEST toy I have ever had. 

Need to know:

  • Suitable for children aged 18M+
  • Cry Babies Fun N' Sun Ella comes with six accessories – swimsuit, sun hat, sunglasses, swimming float, flip flops and her dummy.
  • She is waterproof and can be played with in and out of water.
  • Cry Babies Fun N' Sun Ella is available now from toy retailers and online, including Smyths, Argos, and B&M. RRP £24.99
  • Cry Babies Fun n’ Sun Ella doll will be recognisable to children, and parents, who follow the animated Cry Babies adventures on YouTube and Nick Jr. Watch the latest series and new storylines on the official Kitoons YouTube channel.
  • Instagram @cry_babies_official