5 ace games to play with your Numberblocks

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5 ace games to play with your Numberblocks
by Natalie Keeler

So, you've bought a set of Numberblocks blocks and your child loves building them up (and knocking them down!), but what else can you play with them?

These fun ideas are designed to be played with this Numberblocks gift set – and will help your child to build maths skills while having fun.

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No blocks? No worries! Try making your own Numberblock instead with this Numberblocks craft, or head to Numberblocks.tv or search for Numberblocks on YouTube for more maths fun.

1 Numberblocks bingo


Numberblocks games

You’ll need

How to play

1. Break all of the Numberblocks up into individual cubes and drop them into the bag.

2. Give the bag a shake!

3. Take it in turns to take a cube out of the bag. The first person to build a complete Numberblock and "Block Bingo" wins the game.

2 Numberblocks number magic

Numberblocks games

You'll need

How to play

1. Write down a simple adding or taking away number sentence, for example: 2 + 1 = ____

2. Ask your little one to build the Numberblocks for each of the numbers in the number sentence, counting them as they do.

3. Now, can they count all of the cubes in total to complete the number sentence? 2 + 1 is 3!

4. Try this with different combinations of numbers.

3 The Square Search Game

Numberblocks games

You'll need

How to play

1. Ask your child to build Numberblock 4 in a square. Explain that wherever there’s a square, there’s the number 4.

2. Now, challenge them to find squares at home. They could look for windows, cushions, blocks, crackers or picture frames.

3. Can they draw a picture of 4 surrounded by all the things they found?

4 The Number Line Game

Numberblocks games

You'll need

How to play

1. Write a number line from 1-10 across the piece of paper. Leave plenty of space in between the numbers.

2. Now, can your child build each Numberblock and put them on their home in the number line?

Now try this…

  • Walk your fingers up the Numberblocks like steps, to show how each is one block bigger than the one before.
  • Take the Numberblocks off the number line. Call the Numberblocks home in a different order and see how quick your child can match them to their number.
  • See how quickly your child can build and pop the Numberblocks in order without using a number line.

5 Numberblocks treasure game

Numberblocks games

You'll need

How to play

1. Write a number on the piece of paper (e.g. number 2).

2. Can your child build that Numberblock and find some number treasure they’d like? If it’s Numberblock 2, can they find a pair of things?

Take it up a level!

  • Time how long it takes your child to build and come back back with their treasure – can they beat their time?
  • Or, give them a minute and see how many pairs of objects they can find.
  • Try it again with bigger Numberblocks – what can they find ten of?
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Learning guide

What we love about Numberblocks is that kids don’t even realise they’re learning! These games are perfect for teaching simple maths skills like counting, adding, and subtracting –Building and stacking the blocks help to develop their fine motor skills, too.