Create a supermarket role play area

Let's go shopping!

Create a supermarket role play area
by Natalie Keeler

Welcome to Sid's Supermarket! With this role play idea, little ones can pick up groceries, count and pay with play money, practise addition and subtraction, and make their very own supermarket till. Just scroll down and click on the pages to print.

This activity will also introduce your child to everyday situations like going shopping and buying items, and it'll help to develop their communication skills too.

Grab some things from your kitchen cupboard and ask your child to stick prices on them. Now, pretend to be a customer and pick a few items that you'd like to 'buy' – can your little one add up to the find the total?

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We’ve included:

  • Play money
  • Price labels
  • Supermarket signs
  • Play loyalty card
  • Play credit card
  • Play till
  • Name badges

You'll also need:

  • A shoebox for the play till
  • Safe scissors
  • Glue

Supermarket role play printables

To download the play till, select the image or click here to open a PDF. Then, cut out the till, glue it to the lid of the shoebox and pop the play money inside.

Supermarket role play

To download your printable play money and price labels, click here or select the image to open a printable PDF.

Supermarket role play

To print the supermarket signs and blank price labels, select the image or click here to download a PDF.

Supermarket role play

To print the name badges, loyalty card and play credit card, select the image or click here to open a PDF.

Supermarket role play