Penguin playtime!

A brrr–illiant activity packed with learning fun!

Arctic water play
by Natalie Keeler

We're always thinking of new ways to play with water, and this arctic play scene is our new favourite go-to activity. 

Chunks of polystyrene make fantastic floating icebergs – just save them from your next online delivery. The blue food colouring isn't essential, but it creates a nice contrast against the white.

Rather watch than read? Press play on the video to see this idea.


Your child can fill their arctic scene with whatever toys they like. As they play, there are lots of opportunities for learning. Try guessing what objects will float or sink! Chat about the animals in the tray – can they guess what helps keep polar bears warm? And what makes it easy for penguins to catch fish in the icy cold water?

You will need:

  • Flat polystyrene
  • Tray 
  • Blue food colouring
  • Water
  • Arctic animal toys

How to make an arctic water play scene 

Step 1

Add drops of food colouring to water and then fill up the tray.

Step 2

Pull off chunks of flat polystyrene to create icebergs for your child to float on the water. Now, your child can add their animals to the scene and have fun playing.