All you need to create a cinema at home

Upgrade your next family move night

Make your own cinema at home with these free printouts!
by Natalie Keeler

Sometimes the best way to watch a family film is from the comfort of home – so, why not bring the cinema to you?

It’s easy to turn your living room into a movie theatre with our fun printable signs, tickets and play money. You could even create your very own popcorn snack station.

The full cinema experience without herding everyone into the car? A family ticket – plus snacks – for under a fiver? What family dream days are made of, let’s be honest. So, get the popcorn popping, pick a family-friendly flick, and let us take care of the rest.

We’ve included:

  • A cinema sign
  • Popcorn stand sign
  • Tickets
  • Play money
  • Popcorn box
  • Learn and play ideas

Cinema role play

To open, click the image or click here to download a PDF.

Cinema role play

Download by clicking the image or this link to open a printable PDF.

Cinema role play

Select the image or click here to open a printable PDF.

Recreate the full cinema experience by getting your child to play the role of the cashier – they’ll need maths to add up the cost of seeing the film, some popcorn and a drink, and they’ll practise handwriting and spelling by writing out information on the ticket.

Your little one could have a go at being the customer too. Can they work out how much money they need to buy a cinema ticket and some snacks, and how much change they’ll get afterwards?

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Learning guide

This cinema-themed activity is packed full of mini activities that your child will love. First of all, spark their creativity by asking them to imagine what their cinema will look like. Where will they put their signs? Are they going to make some of their own? Next, put their number skills to the test by letting them play the cashier. Then, use literacy skills to talk about what happened in the film. Which parts did they like best? And which were their least favourite?