How to draw a spooky ghost!

Have endless fun with these scary sketches

How to draw a spooky ghost!
by Natalie Keeler

Happy, crazy, spooky and smiley – these Halloween ghost pictures are easy to follow and lots of fun to draw.

Simply ask your child to create a ghoulish shape and add a funny face. Which ghost will they choose to create?

Watch the video together and scroll down to see all of the finished pictures. 

 Halloween pictures Halloween pictures Halloween pictures
Halloween pictures Halloween pictures Halloween pictures Halloween pictures

When you're finished, keep the colouring pencils out for these Halloween posters – take your pick from a haunted house, spooky spider and two friendly ghosts.


Halloween pictures


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Learning guide

While they complete this ghostly idea, children can explore different emotions. How can they make the ghost appear happy, spooky or maybe even scared? Drawing activities are a fun way to develop the fine motor control needed for handwriting. And, by choosing how to draw their ghost, children can have fun expressing themselves, too!