Messy monster mealtime!

A roarsome learning game!

Feed the monsters
by Natalie Keeler

This monster idea is fantastic for helping to improve children's handwriting, and we can confirm it's a lot more fun than tracing over dotty letters. 

All you need is pompoms, tongs or tweezers and the free monster printable faces below – just scroll down to print these.

Rather watch than read? Press play to see this game.

You will need:

  • Monster printable faces
  • A tray 
  • Colourful pom-poms
  • Child-sized tongs or tweezers

Monster printable faces

Step 1

Download these monster faces and write a number in the circle inside their hat. You can print these pages as many times as you like!

Monster printable
Monster printable
Monster printable
Monster printable
Monster printable

Step 2

Fill your tuff tray with the different-coloured pom-poms.

Step 3

Then, it's up to you how you play... You could write numbers on the hats, and challenge your child to feed the monster the same number of pompoms. Or, trying matching colours. Add a timer, if you like!

Squeezing the tongs uses the same muscles as holding a pencil. As long as your child is moving the pompoms around, they'll be getting lots out of this activity. 

Have fun!