Scavenger hunts to cure isolation boredom

Fun ways to keep kids busy at home

Scavenger hunts to cure isolation boredom!
by Natalie Keeler

Isolating again? We've been there. It was not a fun time. 0/10 would recommend. Still, you need new ways to keep busy at home that don't involve watching Encanto for the fifty-billionth time – so we've created these free scavenger hunt printables just for you.

There's one you can play indoors with simple objects to find, like a teddy bear, healthy snacks, books, and crayons. Or, if you're lucky enough to have outdoor space, print the garden scavenger hunt and get your little one to track down stones, leaves and twigs.

And don't forget – if you are isolating – we're here if you need us! Our Giggly activity packs are the perfect way to keep children learning while you're stuck at home – and we've got some brilliant boredom busters that they'll love too.

Indoor scavenger hunt

To print the indoor scavenger hunt, select the image or click here to open a PDF.

Scavenger hunt at home

Garden scavenger hunt

To download your garden scavenger hunt, select the image or click here to print a PDF.

Garden scavenger hunt

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Learning guide

Why not get a bit more out of this activity by asking your child to see how many of each item they can spot? Look for different coloured socks or teddies if you're indoors, or different types of leaves or stones if you're able to get out – then create a tally as you go. Can your little one describe how the objects are different from each other? Try to compare colours, textures, and sizes.