Funny foam faces

An amazing arty idea!

Fun with foam
by Natalie Keeler

Shaving foam has one of those squishy, fluffy textures that little hands can't seem to get enough of, which makes it perfect for art and sensory play.

Have fun drawing funny faces together and then let your child take the lead with the squirting and dolloping – they'll find it super satisfying.

If you'd prefer a taste-safe option for a younger child, try aquafaba instead. It's made from the water you'll find inside a chickpea can – just whisk it up until it becomes a thick foam.

Rather watch than read? Press play on the video below to see this activity.

You will need:

  • Tuff tray
  • Card
  • Sticky-back plastic
  • Shaving foam

Try our shaving foam sensory play idea

Step 1

Draw a picture on the card and cover it with sticky-back plastic.

Step 2

Now, your child can squirt or dollop on the shaving foam to decorate their picture. They could give a sheep some fluffy wool, or add a beard or hair to a funny face!