Astronauts at the ready!

This loo roll spaceship puts your little one at the wheel

Astronauts at the ready!
by Natalie Keeler

If your little one is space mad, this cute toilet roll craft is perfect. Create your space suit using toilet paper roll tubes, then pop a picture of your child on the top.

Use up any leftover toilet roll tubes and try these other space-themed makes too – you could create a cool rocket craft, or an awesome toilet roll alien.

You will need:

  • Toilet paper roll tubes
  • Clear plastic cup of jelly pot (rescued from the recycling)
  • Pens and pencils
  • Sticky tape
  • Glue
  • Coloured card (we used blue)
  • Scissors
  • White paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Photo of your child

How to make your astronaut toilet paper roll craft

Step 1

Astronaut Toilet Paper Roll Craft

First, draw around the rim of the plastic cup on the card. Then, inside this outline, draw around the loo roll tube. Cut the card so that you’re left with a ring ­– you’ll use this later to build the astronaut.

Step 2

Ask your child to paint the tube white.

Step 3

Once it’s dry, they can draw some astronaut suit details on the tube and colour them in.

Step 4 

While they’re busy doing that, snip out a photo of them (or snap and print a new one).

Step 5

Astronaut Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Tape the ring that you made earlier to the top of the tube. Then tape the photo, too.

Step 6

Add glue to the paper ring, and glue on the plastic cup helmet.

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Learning guide

Did you know creative activities like this one help children to develop the fine motor skills they need to hold a pencil? They'll also need to use their creativity to make their astronaut look brilliant! Discuss why you used different materials, e.g. why did you use clear plastic for the helmet? Could they have seen through the helmet if it was made of cardboard? Now your child can see themselves as an astronaut, ask questions about their trip. What will they take with them? How long will they be away for? What might they see on their journey?