10 amazing toilet roll crafts

Cool creations with little cardboard tubes!

10 amazing toilet roll crafts
by Natalie Keeler

If there's one thing we'll never be short of, it's empty loo rolls. Our bathrooms seem to breed them. And now you'll never be short of ideas to use them for either. From a snazzy motor to a pretty pig, we've pulled together our best loo roll ideas. Scroll down to get inspired – the astronaut really is out of this world!

1 Is it a Rolls? Loo roll car!

Toilet paper roll car craft

This easy craft is a fun chance for your child to get really creative – let them choose what colour they’d like their car to be, and make sure it’s extra speedy by adding a couple of racing stripes to the sides.

Make this toilet paper roll car craft.

2 Snazzy snake

Toilet paper roll snake

We had loads of fun making this snake. It’s simple, quick and your little one will love painting all kinds of patterns onto their snake, like spots, stripes or zigzags.

Make this toilet paper roll snake.

3 Cool cat

Toilet paper roll cat

This cat is the perfect activity for a rainy day. Keep a second toilet roll tube handy and use scissors to cut out the cat’s eyes, whiskers, paws and tail.

Make this toilet paper roll cat.

4 Isn't he wise! 

Toilet paper roll owl

Ideal for children aged 2+, have a go at crafting this toilet roll owl together – your child can paint their owl a traditional colour, like brown or white, or a shade that’s a bit more unusual (like we have).

Make this toilet paper roll owl.

5 Pretty pig

Pig toilet paper roll craft

Once you and your little one have made your toilet paper pig, use this activity to learn about other farmyard animals. Can they tell you what else they might find on a farm, or what sound a pig makes?

Make this pig toilet paper roll craft.

6 Take me to your leader...

Toilet roll alien

Get your child to paint their aliens in rainbow colours, then stick on as many eyes, ears, and mouths as they’d like – the more unusual, the better!

Make this toilet roll alien craft.

7 Blast off! 

Toilet paper roll rocket

Blast off into space with this awesome toilet roll rocket. Use shiny wrapping paper and stick it to the outside of the tube, then decorate with pens or sticky stars.

Make this toilet paper roll rocket.

8 Out of this world astronaut

Astronaut toilet paper roll craft

If your little one loves space, this astronaut toilet paper roll craft is a really cute idea. Pop a photo of your child on the top – you could send it to grandparents as a gift.

Make this astronaut toilet paper roll craft.

9 DIY desk tidy

DIY desk tidy

Keep pens, pencils and other stationery neat and tidy with this castle-themed DIY desk tidy – all you need is some toilet roll tubes, a shoebox lid, paint, masking tape, and a black felt-tip pen.

Make this DIY desk tidy.

10 Toy car garage

How to make a garage for toy cars

This DIY toy car garage is a handy storage solution for your child’s many four-wheeled friends (and it lowers the risk of you accidentally stepping on one with bare feet every time you walk into their bedroom!).

Learn how to make a garage for toy cars.