Easy Easter bonnets

Because what's an Easter parade without some fancy headgear?

Easter bonnet ideas
by Natalie Keeler

From chirpy chicks to fluffy bunny bottoms, our DIY ideas are quick, fuss-free, and simple enough that your child can help you make them. There’s lots of fun textures for them to explore too. Scroll down to get inspired!

1 Craft a fluffy bunny bonnet

Rabbit Easter bonnet

Your child will love crafting this rabbit Easter bonnet – it's super cute, and you'll have loads of fun making it together too. To get started, find a green hat (or cover the brim of a straw hat with a bit of tissue paper), then decorate.

Make this rabbit Easter bonnet.

2 Cutest ever Easter hats

Easter chick hats

If you need an Easter bonnet idea that's quick and simple, this Easter chick hat is perfect. All you need is a yellow party hat (or you can cover a white party hat with yellow paper), then your child can draw the chick's face using a pen.

Make this Easter chick hat.

3 Super spring bonnet

Easter bonnet hat

All you need to make this fabulous-looking Easter bonnet hat is some green tissue paper, a few small toys, a straw hat and some ribbon. We decorated ours with Easter-themed Duplo animals, but your child can choose any small toys they like.

Make this Easter bonnet hat.

4 DIY Easter bonnet that's woolly cute!

Sheep bonnet

This sheep Easter bonnet is getting us all excited about spring! You'll need a nice big wad of cotton wool for this one, plus a hat, card, and some tissue paper.

Make this sheep bonnet.

5 Easy bunny mask for Easter dress–up

Rabbit face mask

If you don't have a spare hat to hand, have a go at crafting this rabbit face mask. Your little one might need you to help them cut the white card into a mask shape, but they can have a go at drawing the rabbit's nose and ears by themselves.

Make this rabbit face mask.