Cutest ever Easter hats

This party hat hack is an absolute winner

Cutest ever Easter hats
by Natalie Keeler

We had so much fun transforming these plain party hats into cute Easter chicks, and they're really simple to make too – just scroll down to get the steps. If you have trouble finding yellow party hats, you can try covering a different coloured hat with paper, or paint it to make it yellow.

How to make an Easter chick hat

Step 1

Get hold of some yellow party hats, or paint a different coloured party hat yellow or cover it with yellow paper.

Step 2

Then, simply ask your child to draw a chick’s face on to the hat. And you're done!

If you're planning on doing some Easter baking, try some of our quick-win recipes, too – like these Easter chick biscuits, which use shop-bought biscuits and delicious yellow fondant icing. Kids LOVE them.