Easiest ever Easter chick biscuits

Cute and simple springtime treats

Easiest ever Easter chick biscuits
by Natalie Keeler

Your child will love decorating these adorable Easter chick biscuits with this easy step-by-step guide – all you need is some yellow fondant icing and some icing pens to get started. No time to bake your own biscuits? We used shop-bought ones and they worked a treat.


  • Black icing pens
  • Orange icing pens
  • Yellow fondant icing
  • Biscuits (we used Rich Tea)


Step 1

Ask your child to roll out the yellow fondant icing. Help them to cut it to the size of the biscuits with a cookie cutter or the rim of a glass.

Step 2

Easter chick biscuits

Pop the icing on the biscuit.

Step 3

Easter chick biscuits

Give your child the icing pens so they can draw faces, wings and feet.

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Sensory Play

Learning guide

This is a brilliant opportunity to talk about the senses. Do the biscuits taste different when they have icing on? How does the biscuit feel when you bite it? Is it hard or soft? Sweet or salty? This activity is also a brilliant way to express creativity. And why not practice literacy by thinking of some describing words, like cute, crunchy, shiny, or sweet?