5 freaky face paint ideas for Halloween

5 freaky face paint ideas for Halloween
by Natalie Keeler

If face painting fills you with horror, we’ve got you covered! Each of these designs can be achieved in four simple steps – and we promise you don't need to be a make-up artist to master them.

We've also pulled together some Halloween party ideas to help you plan the perfect spooktacular celebration, from creepy costumes and snacks to DIY decorating tips.

1 Freaky Frankenstein

Frankenstein face paint

This monstrous design is a Halloween favourite. Once you've finished painting their face, get your kids moving by asking them to walk around the room like Frankenstein's monster!

Try this Frankenstein's Monster face paint idea.

2 Wicked witch

Witch face paint

When it comes to Halloween fancy dress, you can’t go wrong with a spooky witch outfit. Don't forget to add a touch of glitter for some extra magic.

Try this witch face paint design.

3 Smashing pumpkin

Pumpkin face paint

How about turning your little pumpkin into an actual pumpkin for Halloween? This one's perfect for beginners!

Try this pumpkin face paint design.

4 Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man

Spider-Man face paint

We've made it super easy for you to transform your little one into their favourite crime-fighting hero – all you need is black and red paint, a sponge, and a paintbrush.

Try this Spider-Man face paint idea.

5 Magical unicorn

Unicorn face paint

Perfect for parties or a scare-free Halloween costume, unicorn fans will love this sparkly face paint design. And it looks great too!

Try this unicorn face paint idea.