This Giggly craft is full of fun

Lots of ways to laugh and learn!

This Giggly craft is tons of fun
by Natalie Keeler

When kids are having a difficult day, sometimes all they need is a good old giggle to lift their spirits again. This quick-win craft guarantees just that! Plus, each activity helps children to learn while they're having fun.

Simply decorate and fill an empty jar with funny challenges that will make your little one laugh (scroll down for a list of ideas). Then, pull out an idea and let the chuckles commence...

Need a bit of help getting your child to relax? Try these mindfulness activities for kids – from breathing exercises, to cute ways to deal with worries.

Rather watch than read? Hit play on the video below to learn how to make your Giggles Jar!

You will need:

  • Safe scissors
  • Glue
  • Coloured card and paper
  • Jar
  • Pen

How to make a Giggles Jar

Step 1

Ask your child to draw a cloud shape on a piece of card or paper, then they cut it out using safe scissors.

Step 2

Write 'Giggles Jar' on the cloud-shaped paper, then stick the label to the jar.

Step 3

Decorate the jar with stickers, glitter, and whatever else you like.

Step 4

Cut out some coloured-paper strips and write out some funny tasks. There are some ideas below!

Step 6

Fold the strips of card in half and place in the jar. Ask your child to pull out a giggly activity!

Why not add these ideas to your Giggles Jar?

  • Pull your funniest face
  • Can you do a silly walk?
  • Do five star jumps as fast as you can
  • Tickle someone's feet
  • Pretend to be mummy, daddy, or someone you know
  • Tell a funny story about your favourite animal
  • Roar as loudly as a lion
  • Do a crazy dance
  • Wriggle under something
  • Guess what someone is holding behind their back
  • Hide and shout boo!
  • Count to 10 while standing on one leg
  • Say as many words beginning with 's' as you can
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Learning guide

Without even realising, your child will be counting, telling stories, using letter recognition, and getting active as they complete the funny challenges inside their jar. You could include pencil control and spelling practice by getting kids to write out their own tasks. Cutting out and folding the strips of coloured card helps to develop their fine motor skills too. Then, let them get creative by decorating the jar with stickers, glitters, ribbon, or anything else you have lying around.