Colour with Bluey!

Press print and pour yourself a cuppa

Bluey fans will love these free printable colouring pages
by Natalie Keeler

Bluey and Bingo have won our hearts with their funny 5-minute tales of childhood and family. These brilliant Bluey colouring in sheets are free to print – just take your pick from three fun designs and enjoy a few minutes' peace as your child colours them in. For real life! (As Bluey would say).

Scroll down to download your Bluey activities.

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1 Bluey colouring pages to download

Bluey colouring pages

Join Bluey and Bingo as they have fun in the playroom! Select the picture to download this Bluey colouring in sheet, or click here to print your copy

2 Colour in Bluey and Bingo's house

Bluey colouring pages

This is where Bluey and Bingo live. Have fun colouring and drawing Bluey and Bingo into the scene. Select the picture to download this Bluey colouring page, or click here to print your copy.

3 Bluey and Bingo on the beach colouring page

Bluey colouring pages

Have fun with Bluey and Bingo as they run around on the sand. Select the picture to download this Bluey colouring in sheet, or click here to print your copy.

Can your child tell you what else they might find at the beach? In this brilliant episode, Bluey takes a stroll and finds a shell, a jellyfish and an old sandcastle.



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Learning guide

Colouring teaches lots of valuable skills, including pencil control, patience, and concentration, and it helps kids to relax too. For younger ones, this is a brilliant opportunity to teach colour recognition – take a look at pictures of Bluey and Bingo, then see if your child can pick out which pencils they’ll need to colour them both in (though don’t worry too much if they go off-piste). They could also add their own drawings, or write a story about the Heeler’s trip to the beach.