Spring/summer scavenger hunt

Take a break from the swings (and pick up a coffee for you en route)

Spring/summer scavenger hunt
by Natalie Keeler

If you’re desperate to get outside and do something different, this scavenger hunt for kids is perfect for you. We’ve included eight items to find together (including a coffee for you, which we’d argue is the most important thing on the list). A small pick-me-up for you, plus a healthy dose of fresh air for your kids – sounds like a winner to us!

Why not print this activity ready for your next park trip, or keep it handy for walks to nursery or for garden catch-ups with friends?

Scavenger hunt for kids

To download it, just select the image or click here to get a printable PDF.

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Learning guide

You can get more out of this nature activity by asking little ones to see how many of each object they can spot. Look for lots of different coloured flowers, different trees, or different types of bird, then get them to create a tally as they go. You could even compare the textures of the leaves and the flowers that you find – can your child describe how they’re different? Use words like rough, smooth, soft, and spiky.