Hey, it's the Stick Badge Craft!

Sticky, sticky, stick, stick!

Hey, it's the Stick Badge Craft!
by Natalie Keeler

There's something about sticks. You can't take kids to the park without bringing several home with you. Your child will tell you the special properties of each twig and remember them like old friends. You can't throw them away – they'll know

And then there's Hey Duggee's The Stick Song, which surprised us with its rave beats. Some of us loved it, others loathed it, but none of us could forget it. The Stick Badge is now the most watched episode of Hey Duggee of all time.

So, ask your child to fetch a stick for this fun activity. They can earn their own Stick Badge to wear with pride. Whether you listen to The Stick Song is up to you – but we bet you're singing it already (sorry!) 

You’ll need:

What to do:

Hey Duggee The Stick Craft


1. Print the Stick PDF to give your child so groovy eyes to choose from.

2. Let your child choose their favourite pair of eyes, cut them out and glue them to the stick.

3. Now, play The Stick Song so they can dance with Stick. Well done, kids – you've earned your Stick Badge!

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Sensory Play

Learning guide

The cutting and sticking (no pun intended) parts of this craft help kids work on their fine motor skills, which they need to develop pencil control as they’re learning to write. If your patience can just about handle it, let your child collect and bring home a few different sticks, then talk about how they compare. What are their textures like? Have a go at measuring them in a ruler, then put them in order from largest to smallest, or thickest to thinnest.