How to save £££s with KidStart

Start saving for your kids' future with KidStart!

Save £££s with KidStart
by Natalie Keeler

How often do you think about your child’s future? I do sometimes, and it makes my head spin. I can’t imagine our daughter going to school, let alone becoming a teenager. But as the years speed by, I know it’ll be here before we know it.

It’s hard to keep sight of the things she’ll need money for later (a mobile phone, a car, college, her first home?). Instead, we’re distracted by what she needs now – mountains of nappies, a new car seat, and so many pairs of shoes, which are too small and pinching within a few months.

That’s why I was excited (and a bit relieved) to find out about KidStart. This loyalty scheme has been created by parents for parents, and the premise is simple: shop with well-known retailers via the KidStart website, and collect money back to top up your child’s savings account.

It’s free and very simple to open an account, and the amount you automatically receive from each online purchase hovers at around 2%. Brands also run special deals – at the time of writing, you can get 5% back on baby and child purchases at John Lewis & Partners (usually 1.5%).

The beauty of KidStart is you save without thinking about it. You can save on everything from your weekly groceries, household bills, holidays, clothes and insurance, meaning you can easily boost your child’s savings.

Regular users of KidStart can save up to £250 a year! You can also ask family members or friends to help out. My daughter’s grandparents love that they’re contributing to her future.

KidStart: what you need to know

It’s free to register for KidStart and you can start saving straight away.

Here are just some of its amazing features:

  • More than one child? Don’t worry, savings can be divided between children. There’s no limit on how many you can save for.
  • You don’t have to have given birth to start saving; you can open a KidStart account and start saving while pregnant.
  • Invite your family to join and save for your little one too, so whenever grandparents, aunts or uncles shop online, they can earn savings for your child as well!
  • Tell your friends about KidStart and in return when they join and save £5 you’ll get a £5 top-up for your little one’s account.
This post has been commissioned by KidStart but, as always, all views are our own.