Ready, set, play vets!

Just add cuddly stuffed animals for this role play game

Ready, set, play vets!
by Natalie Keeler

If you’re looking for a cute way to play that combines lots of learning wins, this vet role play activity is perfect. Role play gets children to use their imagination, and it offers lots of learning opportunities, from handwriting to using describing words, and even talking about feelings.

It takes just ten minutes to set up your own vet’s surgery – scroll down to download the free vets role play printable PDF, which include signs, a vet’s badge, x-rays and prescription sheets. Then dig out your child's favourite animal toys, maybe some plasters or bandages, and you're ready!

Vet role play ideas and free printables

Vet role play

Select the picture or click here to print this vets role play PDF.

To get started, ask your child to gather up their favourite toy animals and pop them in a waiting area – they might like to line them up on the floor or on their bed, or sit them on some chairs.  If lots of family members are playing, they can each bring an animal to the vets.

If you've got some bandages or plasters, your child can use these to treat the poorly animals. 

Vet role play


Select the image or click here to download a printable PDF.

Here are some words your child could try writing on the prescription sheet, and try sounding out with you. 

Hot, sick, sad, spots, bump, hug, better!

If you're on Instagram, why not watch our IGTV video with Jen Ferguson, which is full of vets role play ideas. And don’t forget to check out our cinema and doctors role play printables, which are free to download.

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Learning guide 

While they were completing this fun activity, your child used literacy skills to communicate what was wrong with their patient, and they practiced their handwriting to fill out the patient cards. You could include maths (there's always a bill at the vets!) And you can use this activity as a great opportunity to talk about feelings. Don't forget, there are lots more fun ways to learn in the Giggly Shop.