Cutest ever Easter cards!

From chirpy chicks to bouncing bunnies

Easter card ideas
by Natalie Keeler

When you need a break from the hullabaloo of egg hunts and chocolate, have a crack at these Easter cards with your child – they’re great fun to make, and make sweet keepsakes for family and friends.

1 Make this chirpy Easter chick card

Easter chick card

For a fuss-free craft idea, this Easter chick card is an absolute winner. Once you've helped your child cut out the chick's body, they can draw its beak and legs, then stick on a pair of googly eyes.

Make this Easter chick card.

2 DIY Easter egg card

Easter chick card

Have a go at crafting this DIY design with your little one – you'll need some glue and wrapping paper. Don't worry, it's less fiddly than it looks!

Make this Easter egg card.

3 Brilliant bunny Easter card

Bunny Easter card

This rabbit card craft is a calming activity for you and your child to do together. We love it because it's quick, easy and doesn't make too much mess!

Make this bunny Easter card.

4 Easy Easter card just for ewe!

Cotton wool sheep card

We love seeing baby lambs in the spring, and this DIY cotton wool sheep card is just as cute. Your child will love getting messy with paint and adding their handprint to the front. Then, you can decorate with cotton wool and pop on some googly eyes.

Make this cotton wool sheep card.

5 Sing a rainbow with this colourful card

Rainbow card

You can craft this beautiful rainbow card for Easter or for a loved one's birthday – all you need is some brightly coloured pipe cleaners, some white card and a bit of cotton wool.

Make this rainbow card.