Easy Easter cake and biscuit ideas

Cute Easter treats for the whole family

Easy Easter cake and biscuit ideas
by Natalie Keeler

We love a clever cake design, and Easter holds many opportunities for cute ideas. Our favourite has to be the bunny bottom cupcake, complete with marshmallow tail.

We also have a traditional recipe for chocolate Rice Krispie nests – they're a great way to use up a glut of chocolate eggs.

We've also included ready-made cakes and biscuits in some of these recipes, which you can easily buy in your local supermarket. If you'd prefer to bake your own, you can't beat BBC Good Food for easy-to-follow recipes.

1 Chocolate Rice Krispie cakes

Chocolate Rice Krispie Cakes

Always a favourite at Easter (and basically any other time of year), you can make these tasty chocolate Rice Krispie cakes in under an hour. Be warned though, they’re deliciously addictive!

Try our easy chocolate Rice Krispie cakes recipe.

Mini-eggs can be a choking risk for children under 3, but any treat will work, like Smarties or Jelly Tots.

2 Easter chick cake

Easter chick cake

This fuss-free Easter chick cake recipe takes just 30 minutes, and is sure to be a hit with your little one. We used shop-bought vanilla cupcakes and they worked an absolute treat.

Try our Easter chick cake recipe.

3 Sheep cake

Sheep cake

We think this sheep cake recipe is totally baaa-rilliant – it’s quick, simple, and your child will love seeing their sheep come to life as they stick on mini marshmallows and a pair of googly fondant eyes.

Try our sheep cake recipe.

4 Easter chick biscuits

Easter chick biscuits

Your child will love helping you create these adorable Easter chick biscuits. You don’t have to do any baking either – we used shop-bought biscuits, then decorated with yellow fondant icing and icing pens.

Try our Easter chick biscuits recipe.

5 Easter bunny cake

Easter bunny cake

We think these Easter bunny cakes are super-cute. Decorate with shredded coconut and add marshmallows for the bunny’s tail and feet.

Find out how to make this Easter bunny cake recipe.