5 fabulous festive crafts

Seasonal makes to keep kids busy and happy over Christmas

5 fabulous festive crafts
by Natalie Keeler

The Christmas countdown is on! You’ve been to the school nativity play, the school carol concert, the school Christmas fair. You’ve wrapped eleventy thousand presents, visited Santa, threatened your kids, and blackmailed your kids.

Now school's out... that means one thing – the real work starts. So, here are a few festive crafts your kids can make to keep them busy in the run-up to Christmas Day.

And then the countdown to Boxing Day begins, phew!

On a roll!

Snowman skittles

This easy snowman skittle game is perfect for keeping little ones entertained during the big-day build-up. You can get the whole family involved too!

Make these snowman skittles.

Twinkling trees

3D paper Christmas tree

Let your little ones create their own mini Christmas trees with this cute festive craft activity. Once you've assembled the tree, kids can let loose with gold stars or whatever else they'd like to decorate with.

Make this 3D paper Christmas tree.

Firry favourites

Pine cone Christmas craft

This simple craft gives us the perfect excuse to get outside for some fresh air. Start this activity by taking your kids for a walk and ask them to find as many pinecones as they can. Then take them home to decorate!

Make this pine cone Christmas tree craft.

Bring out the bunting

Reindeer bunting

It’s time to decorate the house for Christmas, and that means lots of grabby little hands "helping" you to unwind fairy lights… But no need to blow a fuse! This magical make is the perfect way to keep your little one busy and happy at home over the festive break.

Make this reindeer bunting.

Super salt dough ornaments

Salt dough handprint

The ideal memento for little hands! Follow our easy salt dough recipe, grab the glitter and make this cute keepsake to hang on the Christmas tree, or save it as a gift to loved ones.

Make salt dough handprint ornaments.