10 exciting home science experiments to wow your kids

These experiments make STEAM subjects come to life!

10 exciting home science experiments to wow your kids
by Natalie Keeler

Prepare to amaze your child with these fun, quick and easy science experiments for kids that you can try at home. If you’re not in the mood to get the food colouring out (we don’t blame you!), just scroll down for some fuss-free ideas that are still lots of fun.

1 Oil and water experiment


Oil and water experiment

Find out what happens when water and oil are mixed together with this fun oil and water experiment – it's mess-free and quick to set up too.

Try this oil and water experiment.

2 Sink or float game

Sink or float experiment

Gather together some objects that you don't mind getting wet, and ask your child to guess which objects they think will sink in water and which will float. Drop them in and see what happens!

Try this sink or float experiment.

3 Lava lamp experiment

How to make a lava lamp

This cool lava lamp experiment is easy and looks so impressive. Mix a few different liquids together and ask your child to guess what they think might happen.

Learn how to make a lava lamp.

4 How to grow cress

How to grow cress

Help your little one learn what plants need to grow with this fun indoor nature project. Simply plant a cress seed and note down how it changes each day.

Learn how to grow cress.

5 Colour mixing experiment

Colour mixing experiment

Teach younger children how secondary colours, like, green, orange and purple are made by simply using paint. Can they paint you a picture with the new colours they've created?

6 Water walking experiment

Walking water experiment

This clever water walking experiment will help your little one learn what happens when different colours are mixed together. All you need is some jam jars or clear cups, water, kitchen roll, and food colouring.

Try this walking water experiment.

7 How to measure rain

How to measure rain

How much does it rain where you live? Make the best of a damp day outside and find out how to create your own rain gauge – just follow our easy step-by-step guide.

Learn how to measure rain.

8 Animal habitats game

Animal habitats EYFS

This fun animal habitats game combines science and geography, and will help your child understand where different animals live (and why).

Play this animal habitats EYFS game.

9 Ink chromatography experiment

Ink chromatography experiment

Discover the secret colours hidden in felt tips with this amazing ink chromatography experiment – all you need is some white paper coffee filters, some felt-tip pens (including black), water and five small jars.

Try this ink chromatography experiment.

10 Rain cloud experiment

Rain cloud experiment

Teach your child about rain, clouds and the weather with this awesome rain cloud experiment – you just need a glass filled with water, a few drops of blue food colouring and some shaving foam.

Try this rain cloud experiment.